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Powerful Antioxidant Blend

Maritime Pine

Forest Path

Maritime Pine

Nature's Most Powerful Antioxidant

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Ultra Maritime Pine & Maritime Pine Plus

Identical in formulation, we offer two capsule sizes of our Maritime Pine product so customers can choose the size to best fit their needs. 

Maritime Pine Plus is a small capsule at 180 count per bottle. Ultra Maritime Pine is a larger capsule at 120 count per bottle

Specifics on dosage and milligrams are available in our Shop on each product page.

Maritime Pine contains our super antioxidant blend and has been our best-selling product for over 25 years. Made with French Maritime Pine bark extract - nature's most powerful antioxidant - derived from the coastal regions of France, our formula delivers a unique combination of clinically proven antioxidants sourced from the most respected labs around the world. Antioxidants protect against damage caused by chemicals known as free radicals, which our bodies are exposed to daily. Incorporating a quality antioxidant supplement like Maritime Pine into your daily routine gives your body a boost of concentrated antioxidants and results in a variety of health benefits. 

Customers report the following uses/benefits

Protection against environmental chemicals/free radicals

Strengthened immune system 

Relief from joint pain & arthritis symptoms

Stronger joints, increased flexibility

Better cognitive awareness

Improvement in ADHD symptoms

Anti-aging benefits

Healthier skin

Improved vascular health/blood flow

Reduced blood pressure

Reduced swelling

Strengthened capillaries

Decreased asthma and allergy symptoms

Diabetes support 

& more

*More details in Q&As below

"An explosion of studies show that antioxidants are a possible preventative for heart disease, cancer, and dozens of other diseases."

Dr. Max Horwitt, Professor Emeritus, St. Louis University of Medicine

"Many parents report greatly improved focus, attention, and concentration in their children when giving them Maritime Pine."  

Dianne Craft, Founder & President of Child Diagnostics, CNHP

"...bark of the French maritime pine tree was shown to reduce all osteoarthritis symptoms by 56 percent."

Journal of Phytotherapy Research

April 2008 Vol 22, Issue 4

"It's rare that I feel a difference taking nutritional products, but I have felt a difference with Maritime Pine. I have more energy and less joint pain. I won't go without it."

Marty, 61

Suvida Customer

Forest Path

Q & A s


What is Maritime Pine?

Maritime Pine is a complex of water-soluble, highly bioavailable antioxidant nutrients extracted from the bark of the Maritime Pine tree. The history of Maritime Pine bark being used to heal various ailments goes back hundreds of years used by many cultures in a variety of ways. Today, Maritime Pine is widely recognized for its healing qualities and antioxidant benefits as a free radical scavenger, such as improving blood flow, stimulating the immune system, preventing infections, and treating ailments such as asthma, high cholesterol, decline in memory, ADHD and many other conditions.

What is free radical protection and how does it combat the efffects of aging?

Maritime Pine is the most potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger on the market. Free radicals are chemicals our bodies are exposed to daily, which destroy cells by damaging cell membranes making them unable to absorb nutrients, reproduce, and rejuvenate. This accelerates the aging process as tissues and organs lose their function from the steady loss of healthy cells. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers that readily give up an electron to neutralize free radicals. The result is healthier organs, tissues, and a more effective circulatory and vascular system. A strong circulatory system and healthy organs efficiently move nutrients, blood cells, amino acids and plasma through the body to fight disease and slow the aging process. 

Why Suvida's antioxidant formula?

Our Maritime Pine super-antioxidant blend formulation is unique in that we have incorporated long-term studies of Maritime Pine along with the latest research available on complimentary compounds to further improve its effectiveness. A distinctive factor exclusive to Suvida's formula is the inclusion of GSL Minerals, which along with enzymes, greatly increases the bioavailability of the Maritime Pine. Our formulas are combined with our patented absorption enhancer for maximum cellular delivery and unmatched antioxidant protection. 

Is Maritime Pine safe?

Yes, it is safe. For over five decades millions of people have regularly taken pine bark extract in supplement form. During these years there have been no reported adverse health effects. 

Can Maritime Pine help arthritis?

The number one ailment customers report using Maritime Pine for is arthritis, and users consistently report significant improved symptoms when using it. Moreover, research supports this finding. In Arthritis Research & Therapy magazine (July 6, 2007) Australian researchers reported that middle-aged adults with a higher intake of antioxidants were less likely to develop bone abnormalities associated with developing osteoarthritis (1). Because of the clear connection between oxidative stress and both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, the Life Extension Foundation believes that people with either form of arthritis should maintain a healthy intake of antioxidants. 

Can Maritime Pine help ADHD?

Many suffering from Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) report significant improvements when taking Maritime Pine regularly. Multiple studies of adults and children support the effectiveness and safety of using French maritime pine bark for the treatment of ADHD. Our formula is unique in that it includes this key ingredient along with other beneficial minerals, enzymes and our absorption enhancer, increasing efficacy. 


With ADHD being the most common psychiatric disorder in children the use of Maritime Pine as natural means to alleviate symptoms is an exciting and hopeful option for parents, researchers and healthcare professionals. A brief highlight of some of the research includes a study of sixty-one children with ADHD who were supplemented with French maritime pine for 4 weeks, experiencing a significant reduction of hyperactivity, improvement in attention and visual-motoric coordination and concentration in comparison to the placebo group where no positive effects were found (2). A recent study detailed in Phytotherapy Research journal (June 2021) showed Maritime pine bark supplementation resulted in a significant reduction in inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity symptoms (3).  

While most customers purchase Maritime Pine directly from our website, Dianne Craft, President and Founder of Child Diagnostics and Certified Nutritional Health Professional, carries Suvida Maritime Pine at her practice and recommends it to children to combat the symptoms ADHD. Dianne has stated, "Maritime Pine has the unique ability to pass the blood/brain barrier, making it effective for various neurological glitches. Because of its special properties many parents report improved focus and concentration and reduction of allergic symptoms in their children."  Maritime Pine is one of the most popular supplements in Dianne Craft’s Biology of Behavior Nutritional protocol (4). 

Can Maritime Pine strengthen the heart?

Several ingredients in Maritime Pine have been shown to assist in strengthening the heart and may even assist in recovery after a heart event. Oxidative stress has been implicated as a factor in the aging process of the heart and other tissues. The data indicates that aging hearts are under increased oxidative stress, which can be significantly reduced with antioxidant supplementation such as Maritime Pine (5).  

Can Maritime Pine help circulation/blood flow?

Suvida customers with circulation problems have reported reduced leg pain, heaviness and swelling after taking Maritime Pine. There have been many studies supporting the positive effects of pine bark extract in helping with circulatory conditions including Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). One such study was conducted In Great Britain where pine bark extract was used to treat patients with severe CVI, including ankle swelling and a history of venous ulcerations (6). On average, the patients had been suffering with symptoms for around six years. After taking pine bark extract the test group showed significant improvements in edema as well as other circulation problems, while the control group showed no change. The researchers concluded that pine bark extract can play a significant role in the management of CVI and may also be useful in preventing ulcerations.

How are free radicals and oxidative stress are linked to my health? 

Oxygen is essential for all life forms. As humans we need it to live and help perform all of our bodily functions. Oxygen also plays a role in the breakdown of our cells which ultimately leads to aging and disease, called oxidation. Our bodies experience oxidation in the normal process of metabolism which we are naturally equipped to fight off or detoxify from, unless the burden becomes too high. The total burden of oxidation our bodies encounter is called oxidative stress, which in turn causes free radicals. Oxidative stress increases through exposure to chemicals, pollutants, toxins, prescription and over the counter medication, radiation and sunlight.


Free Radicals are created during the metabolism of normal oxygen cells, or oxidation. During oxidation the electron bond between atoms becomes weak and an uneven number of electrons remain, resulting in Free Radicals. These Free Radical atoms or molecules, with unpaired or missing electrons, are unstable and highly reactive with other atoms as they try and stabilize by bonding with another atom or molecule. Now that pairing also becomes unstable and will look to pair with yet another atom. The results are a chain reaction or a free radical cascade which can wreak havoc on the body causing disease and aging. 

Free radical damage is most apparent in skin as we age, but also occurs inside our bodies attacking cell membranes, DNA, RNA, fat and protein molecules, and can even alter LDL (good cholesterol) in the body causing plaque buildup in arteries. Although free radical damage cannot be felt immediately, cumulative damage to the nervous system, joints, internal organs and blood vessels occurs over time. Free radicals have been implicated in over 50 diseases including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, cataracts, inflammatory bowel disease, lung disease, fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders. 

How can Maritime Pine help reduce free radical damage?

*Reduced free radical damage is linked to less disease, better overall health, reduced aging of skin and internal organs, and more.

Potent and effective antioxidants such as Maritime Pine have been shown to reduce excessive free radicals in the body. Antioxidants fight off free radicals by readily giving up an electron, thereby neutralizing free radicals for healthier tissues (organs, skin, muscles) and an improved and more effective circulatory and vascular system. Although our bodies naturally make some antioxidants on their own, exposure to harmful free radicals in the environment and stressful life circumstances increase our oxidative stress and free radical burden. An ample supply of antioxidants helps the body withstand free radical damage. Although some antioxidants can be obtained through a healthy diet, most people do no get nearly enough through diet alone. Supplementing with high quality antioxidants such as Suvida's Maritime Pine is extremely beneficial in protecting against free radical damage. 


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